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Property Management.

We Provide Property Management in
NJ, NY, PA, DE, MD, MA, RI, and CT.

NU-TEK Roof Systems helps Property Management Companies

You are BUSY. You manage roofs, floors, walls, racks, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and clients -and you do it on a TIGHT budget. Managing all that and roof assets across multiple locations requires an experienced and understanding roofing partner.

NU-TEK Roof Systems can make property management of roofs in your portfolio easier and at a lower cost with our proven project management process, supplier relationships, buying power, and our focus on change order management and cost mitigation.

The best part? Once the project begins, you will need to be involved in very little of it. NU-TEK’s project manager will supply updates that confirm that the project is running on time and within budget.

We work quickly and efficiently in the background, delivering a high-quality roof, warrantee, and invoice so you can move on to your next priority.

We are innovators, increasing the value of your property by extending the life of your roof and reducing project timelines with new materials and methods as they emerge from the lab.

We named the thing Nu-Tek because we wanted our clients to know we were installing the Nu(est)-Tek(nology) solutions. It’s that simple!

Since the beginning, the Nu-Tek team has kept to that commitment, following new developments and influencing improved and emerging materials and methods. For over three decades, that focus on innovation and a sincere desire to educate and help has defined the Nu-Tek client property management experience. 

We enjoy lasting relationships built on trust and are known for our responsiveness and high-quality work. Nu-Tek is available to schedule roof assessments to determine the remaining life of your roofs and forecast capital spending and roof replacements.

Roof Replacement by Nu-Tek Roof SystemsProperty Management Services

Roof Replacement

At some point, every roof will need to be replaced. To determine if you need a new roof, Nu-Tek can come to your location and assess if repair or replacement is the best approach.

Whether your commercial roof has unique features or is a simple flat roof, we can help.

Commercial roof replacements are complex projects with elements that can influence the cost, project timeline, and how potentially disruptive the project will be.

Our industry experts can design a solution for your facility or work with your architect, engineers, and other contractors to ensure your replacement roof will last.

We can use your Use My RFP/Spec or provide industry-standard templates to reduce the time.

Preventative Maintenance

Solar Integration Support - NU-TEK Roof Systems has supported solar system integrators and installations for nearly 15 years.

All commercial roofs are a significant investment. To protect that investment, preventive maintenance is essential.

Ice damage, high winds, rain, and snow do damage over time. Nu-Tek clients mitigate the risk of unexpected roof issues interrupting their business, disturbing their tenants, disappointing their customers, and causing financial losses by investing in a Nu-Tek Roof Maintenance Planning program specific to their needs and portfolio.

Nut-Tek’s Roof Maintenance Planning mitigates the risk of facility downtime, early roof failure, and unbudgeted roofing expenses by:

  • Maintaining high-functioning roof systems
  • Predicting roofing expenses
  • Lowering repair costs
  • Maintaining warranty compliance
  • Supporting Capex budgeting with predictable roof replacements

Stop leaks, extend roof life, reduce annual life cycle costs, and extend the life of your roof well past the manufacturer’s warranty with our Roof Maintenance Planning program.

safetyAsset Management

We offer a roof asset management program to help you manage your roofing portfolio, to assist in planning upcoming roof maintenance, and to support the development of your capital budget.

This program allows our clients to avoid unplanned expenses and roofing issues, facility downtime, property and personal damages, and premature roof replacements.

To accomplish this, we align with your calendar and assess your facilities ahead of budget.

We can complete a comprehensive audit of all facilities or a representative model for each type and class of facility in your portfolio.

Our planning program includes:
  • Professional, insured roofers conduct roof audits. The audits include core cuts, drawings, descriptions of defects, and photos.
  • A forecast of needed roofing repairs, preventative maintenance, and associated expenses.
  • A detailed, multi-year planning window list of suggested roof maintenance and capital expenses.
  • An estimate of the service life for each roof and a score for each.

Ready to Help

Please call 973-663-5800 or complete the form on this page if you have questions or need it.

We are here to serve our industry and love to be helpful.

Nu-Tek Commercial Roofing Property Management Services Provided:

Commercial Roofs Repairs
Core Services:

Commercial Re-Roofing
Commercial Roof Repairs/Service
Emergency Roof Repairs
Solar Integration Support
Preventative Maintenance
Budget Planning

Commercial Roofs Maintenence
Additional Services:

Sloped Roof Installations
Architectural Sheetmetal Work
Duct Work
Waterproofing Above & Below Grade Drainage Systems
Exterior Below Grade Waterproofing
Masonry Restoration
Infrared Scanning

Roof Replacement
& Re-Roofing

We recommend, estimate, install, and maintain the highest quality and best engineered roof systems.

Repairs & Emergency Services

We support your operations by addressing the whole roof, not the problem you are facing today. We don’t fix leaks, we maintain systems.

Preventative Maintenance

Our team of trained and insured professionals walk your roof and address minor issues before they become operational nightmares.

Solar Integration Support

We work with integrators, assessing and preparing roof and racking for solar system installations. Services are performed ahead of, or with the solar installation.

Budget Planning

Let us assess your facilities ahead of the budget cycle and we can provide estimates for planning, based on your portfolio.

Residential Roofing

We inspect, repair, and replace roofs including, asphalt, metal, slate, vinyl, tile, and composite shingles. We are GAF and Owens Corning certified.

Why Choose Us for Your Property Management

Our focus is on education and value. We spend time to explain our solutions and to demonstrate their worth.

Safety Assured

All our employees are OSHA certified by our in-house trainers.

24x7 Support

Our repair crews are available nights, weekends, and holidays to protect your property.


We install the highest quality systems, engineered to provide the best total value.