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Successful Partnerships with Solar Integrators - Nu-Tek Roof SystemsNU-TEK decided to get involved with the solar industry after we designed and installed a PV system at our corporate headquarters.

As commercial roofing contractors, we have worked with the industry’s leading manufacturers to help them determine what types of systems work best for roof-integrated photovoltaics. We have supported solar system integrators and installations for nearly 15 years.

Our employees are certified, trained, and experienced working on commercial roofs. We’re on top of buildings daily, and our insurance and certifications are up to date for this application.

Including us in your project reduces the risk to the roof, the project, the facility, operations, and tenants.  This experience makes us an extremely credible company to co-present with Solar Integrators. 

Because solar is a 30-year investment, the platform for your system deserves as much attention as the system being placed on it.

We are also an easy partner to work with. We will spend the time upfront to have all the parts, roles, and responsibilities mapped out beforehand.

Because of the volumes we handle, we can promise a quick turnaround on quotes, designs, and solar project plans.

Lower Project Costs

Solar implementations can be a strictly financially driven decision.Solar implementations can be a strictly financially driven decision. NU-TEK Roof Systems can bring projects in for less with our proven project management process, supplier relationships, buying power, and our focus on change order management and cost mitigation. 

NU-TEK’s ability to work seamlessly with roofing and solar manufacturers ensures that our experience as roofers will be factored into your system’s design and installation, ensuring all applicable warranties remain in place.

Other Advantages

• The team at NU-TEK knows how to safely stage the weight of materials to prevent roof damage and even building collapseHere are some other reasons to work with us:

  • The team at NU-TEK knows how to safely stage the weight of materials to prevent roof damage and even building collapse. Incorrect staging of materials and supplies can prevent proper drainage and cause damage to roof systems and inventory and operations within the building.
  • We own and operate the roof-specific material handling equipment needed to dissipate the load weight when moving racking, ballasts, modules, and other supplies on a flat roof. Using equipment for different applications may crush the insulation and other components beneath the roof surface.
  • Our workers are already insured to work up top. We pay the high comp rates daily, so solar integration companies don’t have to.
  • Knowing how to safely tarp and secure modules, racking, and material on a commercial roof are essential to mitigate the risk to people and property during inclement weather and high winds.
  • As a working roofing company, we can quickly and correctly repair the inevitable damage caused by installers and other trades during a solar project. Contrary to popular opinion, a tube of caulk is not always the answer.

Safety Training/Certifications

We are trained and certified on the roof safety equipment required to support the installation.

Our crews are all OSHA-30 certified, trained, and supported by an in-house OSHA-500 safety officer. The manufacturers license us to work on their systems; we can work on the roof without voiding the existing manufacturer’s warranty.

Given the specialized equipment, insurance expense, and regulatory and site safety requirements for work on top of a commercial building, it’s no wonder that the most experienced solar integrators choose to work with NU-TEK.

Please call 973-663-5800 or complete the form on this page if you have questions or need it. We are here to serve our industry and love to be helpful.

Roofing Safety Training/Certifications - Nu-Tek Roof Systems

Nu-Tek Commercial Roofing Solar Integrators Services Provided:

Commercial Roofs Repairs
Core Services:

Commercial Re-Roofing
Commercial Roof Repairs/Service
Emergency Roof Repairs
Solar Integration Support
Preventative Maintenance
Budget Planning

Commercial Roofs Maintenence
Additional Services:

Sloped Roof Installations
Architectural Sheetmetal Work
Duct Work
Waterproofing Above & Below Grade Drainage Systems
Exterior Below Grade Waterproofing
Masonry Restoration
Infrared Scanning

Roof Replacement
& Re-Roofing

We recommend, estimate, install, and maintain the highest quality and best engineered roof systems.

Repairs & Emergency Services

We support your operations by addressing the whole roof, not the problem you are facing today. We don’t fix leaks, we maintain systems.

Preventative Maintenance

Our team of trained and insured professionals walk your roof and address minor issues before they become operational nightmares.

Solar Integration Support

We work with integrators, assessing and preparing roof and racking for solar system installations. Services are performed ahead of, or with the solar installation.

Budget Planning

Let us assess your facilities ahead of the budget cycle and we can provide estimates for planning, based on your portfolio.

Residential Roofing

We inspect, repair, and replace roofs including, asphalt, metal, slate, vinyl, tile, and composite shingles. We are GAF and Owens Corning certified.

Why Solar Integrators Choose Us

Our focus is on education and value. We spend time to explain our solutions and to demonstrate their worth.

Safety Assured

All our employees are OSHA certified by our in-house trainers.

24x7 Support

Our repair crews are available nights, weekends, and holidays to protect your property.


We install the highest quality systems, engineered to provide the best total value.