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About Our Roofing Services for Hospitals and Medical Facilities.

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About Our Services for Hospitals and Medical Facilities.

Right from the start, design, and scope creation are different for Hospitals and Medical Facilities. Medical Facility roof replacements are complex projects with elements that can influence the cost, project timeline, and how potentially disruptive the project will be.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities buildings’ height, accessibility, scope, and installed system type all add to this complexity. 

Because of our extensive experience with these types of systems, we understand how what’s going on under the roof and what’s traveling across the roof inform the roof design.

Our Hospitals and Medical Facilities industry experts can design a solution for your facility or work with your architect, engineers, and other contractors to ensure the best total solution for your facility’s roof system.

We treat hospitals differently than any other work we do – and we get why that’s important.

Safety & Protection

Due to the vulnerability of the people in the facility and the delicate nature of the equipment housed within, hospital and medical facility safety & building protection requirements go way beyond OSHA standards.

Our Hospitals project managers arrive to kick off meetings with your facility directors informed, experienced, and prepared – simply because we specialize in this kind of work. 

NU-TEK Roof Systems is a well-established company with an outstanding safety record with hospitals.

Based on our commitment to job site safety, we are proud to have what is considered to be a superior experience modification rating on our policy. We currently have a .78 credit modification on our workers’ compensation insurance. This means that because of our outstanding claim history, we enjoy a relationship with insurance companies and safety-focused organizations that few roofing companies achieve and serves as evidence of our above-average focus on safety and protection.

Roofing Contractors – Repairs, Roof Replacement & Maintenance - NU-TEKOrganization & Planning for Hospitals.

Approval structures and collaboration efforts are also more complex. We collaborate with your facilities team and are flexible with the timing and progression of the project.

We aim to minimize disruption and keep sensitive medications, testing equipment, and patients safe during the project. We set up our teams and equipment, understanding the different areas of the roof and the complexity of equipment and systems running across and below.

For example, for this type of work, we are ready to do multiple setups in the same area to protect operations beneath.

At a minimum, we will work with your team to create the following plans customized for your Hospitals’ site:

  • Safety Plan: Outlining fall protection, personal protection, occupant protection, and public protection across the entire commercial roof replacement project.
  • Staging Plan: Outlining access of employees to the roof, the location of roofing equipment, and the staging areas for toilets, chutes, dumpsters, cranes, or other significant on-site elements.
  • Phasing Plan: A working document that outlines the anticipated daily work area for coordination with your hospital’s building management and occupants. This will also detail the days and times that have the most significant impact on building users, such as when the roof is being actively removed overhead or the drilling of concrete for mechanical anchors is taking place.

NU-TEK Roof Systems can deliver high-quality roof systems for hospitals on time and at a lower cost with our proven project management process, supplier relationships, buying power, and focus on change order management and cost mitigation.

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NU-TEK Commercial Roofing Services Provided:

Re roofing
Core Services:

Commercial Re-Roofing
Commercial Roof Repairs/Service
Emergency Roof Repairs
Solar Integration Support
Preventative Maintenance
Budget Planning

To protect that investment, preventive maintenance is essential.
Additional Services:

Sloped Roof Installations
Architectural Sheetmetal Work
Duct Work
Waterproofing Above & Below Grade Drainage Systems
Exterior Below Grade Waterproofing
Masonry Restoration
Infrared Scanning

Roof Replacement
& Re-Roofing

We recommend, estimate, install, and maintain the highest quality and best engineered roof systems.

Repairs & Emergency Services

We support your operations by addressing the whole roof, not the problem you are facing today. We don’t fix leaks, we maintain systems.

Preventative Maintenance

Our team of trained and insured professionals walk your roof and address minor issues before they become operational nightmares.

Solar Integration Support

We work with integrators, assessing and preparing roof and racking for solar system installations. Services are performed ahead of, or with the solar installation.

Budget Planning

Let us assess your facilities ahead of the budget cycle and we can provide estimates for planning, based on your portfolio.

Residential Roofing

We inspect, repair, and replace roofs including, asphalt, metal, slate, vinyl, tile, and composite shingles. We are GAF and Owens Corning certified.

Why Choose
NU-TEK For Your Hospital or Medical Facility.

Our focus is on education and value. We spend time to explain our solutions and to demonstrate their worth.

Safety Assured

All our employees are OSHA certified by our in-house trainers.

24x7 Support

Our repair crews are available nights, weekends, and holidays to protect your property.


We install the highest quality systems, engineered to provide the best total value.