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About NU-TEK Roofing Systems
For Multi-Unit Housing

Multi-Unit Housing Roofing Contractors -
Serving NJ, NY, PA, DE, MD, MA, RI, and CT.

Multi-Unit Housing Roofing Contractor - Serving NJ, NY, PA, DE, MD, MA, RI, and CT – NU-TEK Roofing Contractors

You have a desired resident experience and a process for everything. Landscaping, hardscape, signage, outdoor structures, and decoration are important ways you communicate value to your Multi-Unit Housing residents. Shared spaces restricted by disorganized piles of roofing materials, equipment, and roofers looking for parts do not support your desired resident experience.

Your Bidding Process

The sourcing response team at NU-TEK works with building owners, Multi-Unit Housing management companies, and owner associations’ bidding processes every day.

More than that, we are a trusted resource to many, helping assess or develop sourcing documents. 

We are committed to understanding your bidding and approval structure and communicating with all stakeholders.

We can provide multiple options for price, timing, and resident experience. We are often asked to participate in Multi-Unit Housing stakeholder meetings. 

High Quality at a Lower Cost

NU-TEK Roof Systems can deliver high-quality roof systems on time and at a lower cost with our proven project management process, supplier relationships, buying power, and focus on change order management and cost mitigation for your Multi-Unit Housing.

Multi-Unit Housing Roofers - NU-TEK Roofing ContractorsMulti-Unit Housing Resident Experience

Multi-unit housing projects are very much about the quality of life for your residents. Planning and working on the plan is crucial – mitigating risks to electrical service, communications and entertainment systems, and HVAC.

We arrange our hours for the convenience of your residents and obsess over clean up and debris removal.

We take the time to know your rules and your stakeholder priorities. Our teams are uniformed, 100 drugs tested, and background checked, and we can share bios before the project.

Experienced partners like NU-TEK train their teams to these priorities. We stage our materials discreetly and with a focus on resident and guest safety and experience at your Multi-Unit Housing complex. 

We truly become part of your environment and care about the people in your complex. As members of our inclusive corporate culture, our teams are all trained in diversity and respect.

About NU-TEK

We manage Multi-Unit Housing projects from design to preconstruction, procurement, construction, and close-out. Nu-Tek’s project management process focuses on the total solution – not only on our efficiency but also on your tenants’ operational efficiency, safety, and convenience.   

Many of our building operator relationships started with the first, and sometimes only, roof replacement they ever did. Our recommendations are based on the Multi-Unit Housing building needs, owners’ priorities, and holding strategies.

Our team shares their knowledge and expertise in commercial roof applications - – NU-TEK Roofing ContractorsOur team shares their knowledge and expertise in commercial roof applications and focuses on providing our clients with the best total value.

Our crews are highly skilled. They comply with all Multi-Unit Housing regulations and training requirements and have installed thousands of roofs in our region.

Our project managers oversee the execution of projects with a communication plan that goes through you and your procurement team. 

Nu-Tek aims to develop lasting client relationships with facility operators by providing prompt, professional service and customer support that exceeds expectations.


Multi-unit residential housing developments are public-accessible spaces. As part of the safety program, our risk assessment process determines the best-controlled set-up, staging, and phasing to protect against injuries, property damage, and potential false claims.


With 30 years of commercial roofing experience, we know the value of frequent communication. We know how to keep building and maintenance managers confident and undistracted with short and regular check-ins.

Project ManagementProject Management

We aim to get in, do the job quickly, and be the least disruptive. Our Multi-Unit Housing planning process includes:

  • Safety Plan: Outlining fall protection, personal protection, occupant protection, and public protection across the entire commercial roof replacement project.
  • Staging Plan: Outlining access of employees to the roof, the location of roofing equipment, and the staging areas for toilets, chutes, dumpsters, cranes, or other significant on-site elements.
  • Phasing Plan: A working document that outlines the anticipated daily work area for coordination with building management and store managers. This will also detail the days and times that have the most significant impact on building users, such as when the roof is being actively removed overhead or the drilling of concrete for mechanical anchors is taking place.

Many Stakeholders

Your Multi-Unit Housing facilities are part of a complex organization. Everyone on your team must provide the safety, security, and experience your residents expect.

Restricted access, communication or HVAC downtime, property and personal damages, future leaks, and premature roof replacements affect your community. 

Operators who work with NU-TEK mitigate the risk of unexpected roof issues disturbing their guests and causing financial losses.

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NU-TEK Commercial Roofing Services Provided:

Commercial Roofs Repairs
Core Services:

Commercial Re-Roofing
Commercial Roof Repairs/Service
Emergency Roof Repairs
Solar Integration Support
Preventative Maintenance
Budget Planning

Commercial Roofs Maintenence
Additional Services:

Sloped Roof Installations
Architectural Sheetmetal Work
Duct Work
Waterproofing Above & Below Grade Drainage Systems
Exterior Below Grade Waterproofing
Masonry Restoration
Infrared Scanning

Roof Replacement
& Re-Roofing

We recommend, estimate, install, and maintain the highest quality and best engineered roof systems.

Repairs & Emergency Services

We support your operations by addressing the whole roof, not the problem you are facing today. We don’t fix leaks, we maintain systems.

Preventative Maintenance

Our team of trained and insured professionals walk your roof and address minor issues before they become operational nightmares.

Solar Integration Support

We work with integrators, assessing and preparing roof and racking for solar system installations. Services are performed ahead of, or with the solar installation.

Budget Planning

Let us assess your facilities ahead of the budget cycle and we can provide estimates for planning, based on your portfolio.

Residential Roofing

We inspect, repair, and replace roofs including, asphalt, metal, slate, vinyl, tile, and composite shingles. We are GAF and Owens Corning certified.

Why Choose

Our focus is on education and value. We spend time to explain our solutions and to demonstrate their worth.

Safety Assured

All our employees are OSHA certified by our in-house trainers.

24x7 Support

Our repair crews are available nights, weekends, and holidays to protect your property.


We install the highest quality systems, engineered to provide the best total value.